We do not like to be considered as yet another mainstream industry. That is essentially because we feel we are not!

We strongly believe that it is each industry’s obligation to support the local community and certainly not cause any harm.

PIRINELEOURGIO IERAPETRAS LTD looks upon social responsibility as a means to work together with local authorities, businesses and groups. Equally of course with each and every one of you, the local community.

Talk to us. We would like to hear your ideas.

Social responsibility activities and actions


ΚΟΙΝΩΝΙΚΟ ΠΑΝΤΟΠΩΛΕΙΟ ΙΕΡΑΠΕΤΡΑΣWith every retail purchase of olive pit biomass from our factory, one euro per ton goes into our "social" piggybank.

Each of you is part of our supporting the great work of Ierapetra's charity supermarket. Because every time you choose to buy our biofuel, 1€ per ton is offered to the supermarket's project.

The charity supermarket of Ierapetra does not accept money offers. Once we gather a reasonable amount, we supply the supermarket with goods, which are then being distributed, for free, to families that cannot afford the basics.

Do support us, so we can support.


«HAPPY BAGS» - Greek Red Cross, Christmas 2012-13Greek Red Cross, Christmas 2012-13
During Christmas days, the Greek Red Cross in Ierapetra organized the ‘Happy Bags’ charity action, asking everyone to share a thought for families in need. We too, filled some bags with goodies, love and warm wishes and sent them to find their way.